Thank You 2018, Welcome 2019!

New Year Sparkle 2019

2018 is nearing an end, it only seems like yesterday that it had begun. Time is drifting away and how much we have experienced the timeless? How many moments in our lives we were truly alive and how many moments went away in thinking waste and negative thoughts. This life a very precious one and we can only justify its preciousness by giving the time we are here its due value. How do we choose to spend our time speaks volumes on how much we value our life.

First of all, let us look back and be grateful to everything that happened this year. What worked, what didn’t work but taught us some valuable lessons. Let us thank all the people in our lives – all the people with whom we had a very healthy energy exchange with and also those who pressed our ‘buttons’, coz it is them who bring to light the darkness within us.Let us be grateful for all the experiences we had with friends, family, with nature, and in solitude. Let us be grateful for everything. Let us also thank our Supreme Father for always being there for us as a parent, friend and a companion.

As 2019 begins, a few questions to reflect on :

  • What newness do I want to bring in this year?
  • What are the things very important to me which I kept on postponing? Let me start now!
  • What are the beliefs that didn’t work for me till now which I should let go?
  • What are the new beliefs I am going to experiment with?
  • What are the events, memories I am holding on to which I need to let go?
  • What are the habits that are not allowing me to reach my highest potential?
  • What actions do I plan to take to replace those with new habits?
  • What are my specialties which I want to exercise more of in 2019?

Let go of things that happened in 2018 and before. One should do this exercise every day but if we haven’t then let us do NOW.

Some points of reflection on Letting Go

Personally for me, the year 2019, the focus will be on BEING. To emerge my true original nature of peace, love, purity, power, and bliss. To allow the light within to shine through and not slip away in darkness myself. To steal out time whenever possible for contemplation, reading spiritual knowledge and practice being the ‘self’. This year the focus will be on managing the thoughts I create well enough so that I don’t waste these precious moments in waste which can instead be spent on BEING love. To accept every souls part and every scene the drama of life presents me with. To give, give and only give to everyone. Be the ever alert and attentive gardener in the inner garden of my mind, uprooting all the weeds of ego, lust, anger and sowing seeds of love, purity, and peace.

Just as our Supreme Father, let us be the stars who dispel the darkness of the world, not the ones who slip away in darkness themselves.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Jesus Christ

Have a wonderful year of BEING ahead!

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