The StoryTeller


Once upon a time, there were three friends – Amino, Sofia and Habitum  Out of them – Animo was quite a notorious storyteller. He was known to spice up events whenever sharing about it to the other two adding its own bits and pieces to reality. Due to this, his two friends always got a skewed picture of reality.  They somehow got trapped by his ‘spiced’ up stories believing them to be true.  When Sofia came to realise the notoriety of Amino, she then became very selective and careful on listening to him and gradually Amino stopped telling his made-up stories knowing that other two are not falling for it anymore. Let us return to these folks a little later and let us talk about us.

Within us, the Mind is a notorious one. All reality is perceived by the senses and is projected in the screen of our mind. What we perceive as reality is a projection in the mind with a narrative around that projection. This narrative or a story around it is created as per our beliefs and perception. So what are we creating on the screen of our mind?

The working of our mind is very much based on the habitual thinking patterns we have recorded since lifetimes. It is what we create is what we ‘see’. We don’t see reality as it is, but see it as we are. When we ‘see’ something with our thinking mind we don’t really see ‘what is’, what we see is only our thoughts. When we ‘see’ something with our silent mind then are able to see ‘what is’, as it is. In other words, when we see the world as an observer we see what truly is, when we are not an observer then we only see our thoughts. On the occurrence of an event, the mind will immediately come up with some narrative inside the head based on our perceptions emerging out of our beliefs. When we get into the habit of silencing the mind and the mind stops its habitual creation of a narrative around the scenes of the drama of life, that is what is called the state of ‘observer’.

When one is in a state of an observer there is no perceiving of any event as good or bad, favourable and unfavourable since this is too our perception. One is non-judgemental. But at the same time, it allows one to judge correctly to not be trapped by the antics of the mind. One needs judgement to know whether the thoughts we are creating is it really aligned to my true original nature of peace, love and power or it is an outcome of the conditioned patterns created out of the limited consciousness of the body over lifetimes.

For us to silence the mind, it is very challenging to simply go ahead and silence the mind. It doesn’t work that way, at least it never worked for me. It only works when you are ‘up’ in the sense in a high state of mind. That is where we use the mind to ‘rise up’. The first thing is we need is to accept whatever is the way it is so that there are no resistive thoughts to the present moment. Once we are peace with the present moment then dwell in ‘Who am I’? Contemplate on your true eternal nature. Another way is to take your self in a space of immense gratitude. In this space there will be a deep sense of contentment and mind will be silenced and won’t run here or there to ‘seek’ something. Rajayoga Meditation is using the mind to take you into a space of no-mind- just pure awareness. This is a state where you will feel a lot of sweetness and peace.

So don’t fall in the trap of the storyteller. The way to protect ourselves from this trap is to strengthen the intellect. So that it can discern the permanent with the fleeting. The truth from what is not, the light from the darkness. The way after Sofia became aware of the antics of Amino and stopped falling for it, similarly, once the intellect is equipped with the understanding and the workings of the mind it won’t fall in the ‘trap’. It will be able to discern the story for what It is. Once we practice this enough, the neurological pathways in place creating stories will be restructured and pathways for a new way of seeing will be created – seeing as an ‘observer’.

Enjoy the stories of the mind, the same way you enjoy a movie. Don’t take it seriously, don’t entertain it, just watch it and it will fade away with time.

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