The Original Sin

original sin

The Original Sin”, according to Christian doctrine, is a state of sin into which each human being is born with. The origin has been ascribed to the sin of the first man, Adam, who disobeyed God in eating the forbidden fruit (of knowledge of good and evil). One school of thought says this forbidden fruit was the fruit of orgasm, which led to the birth of desires which opened doors to deep unconsciousness in man, which was by heredity transmitted to his descendants.

Well, I percieve the term ‘Orignal Sin’ a bit differently. Think of a drunkard, who is very tipsy, and trying to walk. He will try his best to walk properly and not fall down, taking each step with a lot of attention(at least he will try), and yet there is a high chance that he will fall!

Now look at us, we have been taught by our well wishers around us, to perform ‘good‘ karma. We are told, don’t be angry, don’t hurt anyone, accept people the way they are, in other words, ‘walk properly’. We too have the intention of doing that, we all want to be the best we can and  ‘walk properly’ just as the tipsy guy above we talked about. But no matter how hard we try, we tend to ‘fall’, at times we end up doing the opposite of what we had thought about we would/should do. Why ? Because we are tipsy ourselves !

The people who are sober will walk properly without any conscious effort! All the drunk guy has to do to make sure he is in his senses – not drunk and he will automatically walk properly.

Then for us to perform the accurate karma, what is it that we need to work on?

Just like the drunkard is under the influence of alcohol and falls, we are under the influence of body consciousness which makes us ‘fall’. We try to act ‘morally correct’ from the outside but time and again fail miserably, something you can see in you and around you. Even if we somehow don’t bring it to action, we more often than not ‘fall’ in our thoughts. This is happening because we are not working at the root level-which is unconsciousness. All the ‘sins’ we have committed came out of our identification with body or something related to the body. It is simply not possible to commit any sin when stabilised in self-awareness.

All religions somehow has pointed towards this but men weren’t able to fathom it. Take example of Jains, Jains are really concerned of their karma and they do a lot eternally to make sure they have good karma including the rituals, visiting temples and mantras/shlokas etc. But everything is still on the outside and they are not working on the root of all sins – unconsciousness!

Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, himself focused on self-awareness/soul-consciousness. The word used by him was ‘apramad’- conscious, awake! All sins are committed in the state of ‘pramad’- unconsciousness, under the influence of body consciousness. It is when we practice awareness, we are working on the root. Same has been the case with Buddha and other awakened individuals.

Spiritual knowledge uses words to point towards that which is wordless. It uses sound to point towards that which is silent. The idea is not to hold on to the words and sounds but to explore and go where the words are pointing to. This is what is needed and this is what was missed by humans all along. We started holding onto these words, images and started being identified with it which apart from degenerating us spiritually, also divided humanity in the name of religion.  Of course, years and years of translations and misperceptions of these words by various people has further adulterated what was shared by the awakened ones, which further misguided humans but that is another story and let’s leave this here.

Our actions/behaviour is the fruit of the seed of our consciousness. We can’t expect the fruit to be sweet if the seed isn’t. We have been living our lives ‘outside in’ and trying really hard to change things on the outside but it hasn’t worked for us because life is ‘inside out’ and never ‘outside in’.

 Not being aware, being unconscious is the original sin! So to really make sure we ‘walk properly’, we really need to practice self-awareness. We will discuss more on this in later posts.

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