The StoryTeller

Once upon a time, there were three friends – Amino, Sofia and Habitum  Out of them – Animo was quite a notorious storyteller. He was known to spice up events whenever sharing about it to the other two adding its own bits and pieces to reality. Due to this, his two friends always got a skewed picture of reality.  They somehow got trapped by his ‘spiced’ up stories believing them to be true.  When Sofia came to realise the notoriety of Amino, she then became very selective and careful on listening to him and gradually Amino stopped telling his made-up stories knowing that other two are not falling for it anymore. Let us return to these folks a little later and let us talk about us.

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My Mind, My Friend

The mind(mann) being one of the faculty of the soul is the one companion we are with all the time. There is this saying, ‘A man is coloured by the colours of the traits of his companions.’ Similarly, we are in the company of this constant mental chatter going on inside which, unknown to most people, is affecting how our life shapes out to be. The mind is an instrument to create thoughts. The kind of thoughts it creates, in turn, results in our feelings, which in turn results in our attitude, which in turn results in our actions and collectively my actions will decide on my destiny.

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