Thank You 2018, Welcome 2019!

2018 is nearing an end, it only seems like yesterday that it had begun. Time is drifting away and how much we have experienced the timeless? How many moments in our lives we were truly alive and how many moments went away in thinking waste and negative thoughts. This life a very precious one and we can only justify its preciousness by giving the time we are here its due value. How do we choose to spend our time speaks volumes on how much we value our life.

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The Journey is Too Short

There was once a girl traveling in a bus in some city. She was enjoying the beautiful scenes from the bus window. On one stop, a lady got in with 3 shopping bags. She was very hefty, could have easily been the heavyweight champ of the city. She scanned the whole bus and decided to sit right next to this girl. She sat with great force taking 1 1/2 seat and while she sat her bags swung onto the girl.  So the girl had to adjust in only half of the seat and being thin she was fine with that. The lady then checked everyone one out on the bus and at last checked the girl out who was sitting right next to her. She saw that the girl had her bags on her lap. This made the lady furious and she pulled those bags away from her and screamed, “Are you trying to take my stuff !”. The girl just gave the bags away with a smile and didn’t say anything and started looking out of the window again.

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