Salvation Through Knowledge

There is this parable I had heard a long time back on two frogs. One used to live the well and the other in the sea. The frog that lived in the well was born in the well and that well was the world for him. He didn’t know the world outside of the well. One day the frog of the sea was passing by and saw this one in the well. “What are you doing here in this small well, when there is an unlimited ocean outside.”, the frog inquired. The well frog said you are lying, this well is so big. There cannot be anything bigger than this well !.  The sea frog suggested, “Why don’t you come and join me?”. Well, the frog replied, “I have always been here. Moreover, I am comfortable here. I don’t think there is anything for me outside. This is where I belong”. So the sea frog after insisting leaves and the well frog continues to live in its ‘limited’ well.

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