Blesseth Are the Merciful

The dictionary definition of mercy goes as – ‘compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone’. Wiki shares compassion as “a feeling that motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pain of another and themselves”.

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You are So Wonderful!

Look into the mirror right now. Yes, go and look in the mirror. Look into those eyes and ask yourself within – Who is seeing? You are not the one you see in the mirror, but the one who is seeing behind those eyes. Do this until you feel the one who is seeing. Wow!, so wonderful the soul is, can’t be seen with these eyes but it is the reason one can see in the first place.

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Spiritual Social Worker

If you think of all the problems in this world or all the challenges humanity is facing presently, as branches of the “Tree of Problems” then what do you think is the seed of that tree?  Let’s say, corruption is one branch, poverty is another branch, epidemics and new viruses emerging as another branch,  the energy of lust which seems to be getting worse which is quite evident from the news we hear every day, as one branch and on the top of it, the weapons of mass destruction that we have created, enough to wipe out our species from this planet as another branch. So what is the root of all these problems?  Where have we humans gone wrong that we landed in such a state?

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For they know not what they do…

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, said Jesus when he was being crucified. How was he able to do that in such atrocious situation and we are not able to do it in trivial things that happen in our lives. The difference lies in his heightened awareness. He was completely conscious of who he was. Only someone who is conscious can be aware of the unconscious. Or someone who observes the unconscious in themselves can also understand when someone else is acting out of unconsciousness. When we do see that, one should, in fact, feel mercy for the soul and nothing else. That is what Jesus felt.

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The Journey is Too Short

There was once a girl traveling in a bus in some city. She was enjoying the beautiful scenes from the bus window. On one stop, a lady got in with 3 shopping bags. She was very hefty, could have easily been the heavyweight champ of the city. She scanned the whole bus and decided to sit right next to this girl. She sat with great force taking 1 1/2 seat and while she sat her bags swung onto the girl.  So the girl had to adjust in only half of the seat and being thin she was fine with that. The lady then checked everyone one out on the bus and at last checked the girl out who was sitting right next to her. She saw that the girl had her bags on her lap. This made the lady furious and she pulled those bags away from her and screamed, “Are you trying to take my stuff !”. The girl just gave the bags away with a smile and didn’t say anything and started looking out of the window again.

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