On The Rails Of Drama

If you have traveled on a train you’ll know that how different kinds of scenes come and go during the span of our journey. At times there will be scenes full of beautiful trees, mountains, valley, other times the scenes outside could of cement structures and at times in a few countries even slums. So in the face of ever-changing scenes outside what does the driver do? Does the driver move the train towards the direction where there are beautiful scenes and avoid the place where there are slums. Or does it ever leave the track?

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The Farmer and His Horse

Once there was a farmer whose horse ran away. Next day his neighbors came over to sympathize and said, “What happened is so bad. We feel sorry for you.”. The farmer replied, “Bad? I don’t know, maybe.” The neighbor was surprised since the horse was the farmers costliest possession. Two days later, the horse that ran away came back with six more horses. So the neighbors came over to celebrate, “Congratulations, what good luck !”. The farmer replied, “Good? I don’t know, maybe”. A few days later, his son while trying to tame one of the new horse, is thrown down and breaks his leg. The neighbors again gathered to commiserate, “What happened is so bad. We feel sorry for you and your son.” The farmer replied, “Bad? I don’t know, maybe”. The next day, the army men came to the village looking for able-bodied youth to fight in a war but spared the farmer’s son since his body was crippled. This can go on and on but I think you get the point.

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