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Social Worker

If you think of all the problems in this world or all the challenges humanity is facing presently, as branches of the “Tree of Problems” then what do you think is the seed of that tree?  Let’s say, corruption is one branch, poverty is another branch, epidemics and new viruses emerging as another branch,  the energy of lust which seems to be getting worse which is quite evident from the news we hear every day, as one branch and on the top of it, the weapons of mass destruction that we have created, enough to wipe out our species from this planet as another branch. So what is the root of all these problems?  Where have we humans gone wrong that we landed in such a state?

There are many of us who see this grim situation on the planet and want to bring about a change, some take actions to do so too, whom we call social workers. There are some who work on spreading awareness on women safety, some who give free medical help to those who can’t afford or some will donate to charitable organizations. If you really think about it what we are doing here is trying to cut the branches of the tree. It’s like one has a headache, cold and fever due to a viral infection but is taking one medicine for a headache, one for cold and one to reduce fever and none to kill the virus, the root cause of all those symptoms. !

If you do an RCA(Root Cause Analysis) of every issue humanity is facing on this planet then we will come to realize that the root of all is not knowing who we truly are and being completely in the consciousness of the form which resulted in the complete degradation of spiritual values and strength. Humanity is going through the most serious identity crisis! We don’t know who we are!

So we have understood that the collective vibrational frequency of this world is completely in the negative spectrum. We have also understood every thought we create has a vibration associated with it. So the thoughts we create is our contribution to the collective vibrational frequency of the world. So the question is – What is the quality of our contribution to this world?

Since humans are completely body-consciousness(explained here), the vices are predominant is us now. Our thoughts and actions under the influence of these vices which only breeds negativity which sustains and nourish the “Tree Of Problems”. The tree feeds on that.

For example, whenever we desire a body, or ‘see’ the body, or create thoughts of lust then we become contributors to the energy of lust in this world. Consequently, the  the world will witness more of such situations. Similarly, when our thoughts and actions are under the influence of greed then we are contributors of greed in this world. When we kill animals for food or their body parts then we become contributors to violence, pain and suffering in this world. Even when we suffer, we are contributors to the energy of suffering. Think about it, even being happy and peaceful is a service to mankind!

To transform this world, first, we need to make sure we don’t have the energies of lust, anger, attachment,  greed, ego inside of us.

The current state of this world is not because of few or few groups of people, we all are responsible for it and it is our responsibility to transform this too. Only Self-Transformation can lead to World Transformation.

As Ramana Maharishi said, “Our own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world”

When we are the self, when our thoughts are aligned to the truth then we become contributors of purity, peace, love and happiness. So let us also be a ‘spiritual social worker’ and create a world of where peace will be the only religion and love will be the language.

This world including nature needs vibrations of purity, love and peace desperately. This is the call of time. Open your eyes and you will see.

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