The Farmer and His Horse

Once there was a farmer whose horse ran away. Next day his neighbors came over to sympathize and said, “What happened is so bad. We feel sorry for you.”. The farmer replied, “Bad? I don’t know, maybe.” The neighbor was surprised since the horse was the farmers costliest possession. Two days later, the horse that ran away came back with six more horses. So the neighbors came over to celebrate, “Congratulations, what good luck !”. The farmer replied, “Good? I don’t know, maybe”. A few days later, his son while trying to tame one of the new horse, is thrown down and breaks his leg. The neighbors again gathered to commiserate, “What happened is so bad. We feel sorry for you and your son.” The farmer replied, “Bad? I don’t know, maybe”. The next day, the army men came to the village looking for able-bodied youth to fight in a war but spared the farmer’s son since his body was crippled. This can go on and on but I think you get the point.

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The Journey is Too Short

There was once a girl traveling in a bus in some city. She was enjoying the beautiful scenes from the bus window. On one stop, a lady got in with 3 shopping bags. She was very hefty, could have easily been the heavyweight champ of the city. She scanned the whole bus and decided to sit right next to this girl. She sat with great force taking 1 1/2 seat and while she sat her bags swung onto the girl.  So the girl had to adjust in only half of the seat and being thin she was fine with that. The lady then checked everyone one out on the bus and at last checked the girl out who was sitting right next to her. She saw that the girl had her bags on her lap. This made the lady furious and she pulled those bags away from her and screamed, “Are you trying to take my stuff !”. The girl just gave the bags away with a smile and didn’t say anything and started looking out of the window again.

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The Game Of Form

A soul, the life energy, a tiny infinitesimally point of light is the one that animates the form. It plays the game of form. Changing one form to another. It is eternal and the costumes it is taking is just a mortal form. Somewhere in this journey of the soul, the soul forgot its true self. It started thinking it is the form!

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I Am Right, or Am I ?

‘I Am Right’ is one of the most delusional thought. We often judge people almost instantaneously according to what we think is right or wrong. It doesn’t take us time to form an opinion about someone. What we fail to understand is that each one whom we see has a story behind him/her. It is the story of the soul or the part of the soul until this moment that makes them think and do what they are doing. We come to conclusions without knowing the full picture. Maybe what he/she is doing is apt for him/her and not for me.

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From Resistance to Acceptance.

If we reflect on our lives often we’ll find ourselves resisting many events that are happening around us which we perceive as ‘unfavorable’. We find a hard time to accept what is and we are in a state of resistance. Whenever there is resistance there are too many waste thoughts of, Why, How, What could have been, Whom to blame etc. This clutters our mind draining it of much-required energy which could have been used constructively to respond accurately to that concerned ‘unfavorable’ situation. Sometimes the waste thoughts are so much that our consciousness gets entangled in the web created by such thoughts in our mind that it seems a little hard to free ourselves from. Continue reading “From Resistance to Acceptance.”