Diwali – The Festival Of Lights

Diwali, a festival predominantly celebrated in Bharat, is one of the most beautiful and colorful festival and is popularly known as ‘The Festival Of Lights’. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

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Beg No More

This post is not about the begging that is known, this is about the begging we do subconsciously, without even realizing due to our conditioned structures(sanskaras). Take a look around, once done take a look inside of you since we are good at judging other people and turn into best lawyers when it comes to us. Observe, you’ll notice that how we are all beggars, royal beggars.

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The Changeless

In the recent times, the branch of science that has come closer to spirituality is Quantum Physics. It has completely changed the perception of the physicists who had always believed that matter is the ultimate reality but as the research into quantum phenomena has increased and the more in-depth we have dug, physicists have understood that what we see is not the ultimate reality.

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Spiritual Social Worker

If you think of all the problems in this world or all the challenges humanity is facing presently, as branches of the “Tree of Problems” then what do you think is the seed of that tree?  Let’s say, corruption is one branch, poverty is another branch, epidemics and new viruses emerging as another branch,  the energy of lust which seems to be getting worse which is quite evident from the news we hear every day, as one branch and on the top of it, the weapons of mass destruction that we have created, enough to wipe out our species from this planet as another branch. So what is the root of all these problems?  Where have we humans gone wrong that we landed in such a state?

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My Mind, My Friend

The mind(mann) being one of the faculty of the soul is the one companion we are with all the time. There is this saying, ‘A man is coloured by the colours of the traits of his companions.’ Similarly, we are in the company of this constant mental chatter going on inside which, unknown to most people, is affecting how our life shapes out to be. The mind is an instrument to create thoughts. The kind of thoughts it creates, in turn, results in our feelings, which in turn results in our attitude, which in turn results in our actions and collectively my actions will decide on my destiny.

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Lessons from the Tree

Have you ever seen a tree who is very stressed out? Have you ever heard a tree seeing another and thinking, “Oh My God !, that one is so much taller than me! I need to rush and grow fast.” Can you fathom a tree being jealous of another tree thinking, “Hmmm, that tree has more fruits than me. I will really have to do something about it.I promise by next year I’ll definitely have more fruits than that dude !” . Have you seen a flower checking out another flower and feeling inferior thinking, “She is so prettier than me.”

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For they know not what they do…

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, said Jesus when he was being crucified. How was he able to do that in such atrocious situation and we are not able to do it in trivial things that happen in our lives. The difference lies in his heightened awareness. He was completely conscious of who he was. Only someone who is conscious can be aware of the unconscious. Or someone who observes the unconscious in themselves can also understand when someone else is acting out of unconsciousness. When we do see that, one should, in fact, feel mercy for the soul and nothing else. That is what Jesus felt.

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From With-Out to Within

There is a parable I read somewhere about a woman who wanted to adorn her reflection. She looked at herself in the mirror and found her bare body and head unattractive. Her reflection disgusted her. She ran in and brought a number of ornaments and began to adorn the reflection with them. But she could not. When she took the ornament near the image in the mirror, it looked as though (in the mirror) the ornaments are being taken away from the reflection. At last, she started wearing the ornaments on her own self. To her wonder, the image in the mirror also put the ornaments on and looked beautiful.

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