On The Rails Of Drama


If you have traveled on a train you’ll know that how different kinds of scenes come and go during the span of our journey. At times there will be scenes full of beautiful trees, mountains, valley, other times the scenes outside could of cement structures and at times in a few countries even slums. So in the face of ever-changing scenes outside what does the driver do? Does the driver move the train towards the direction where there are beautiful scenes and avoid the place where there are slums. Or does it ever leave the track?

Everything comes and everything passes. Everything changes with time. How able am I to adapt myself to those changes and not create any kind of suffering?

The driver knows that this track will lead me to the destination. No matter what scenes come and go, good or bad, it has to keep moving on the track to reach its destination.

Similarly, in our journey of life, many scenes come and go. Some scenes we may perceive as ‘favorable’ and others we may perceive as ‘unfavorable’. What we do is we create resistance to some and get pulled by some. When we create resistance to the scenes that this drama of life brings to us we create suffering.

We need to accept them all. Accept whatever happened and is happening. That doesn’t mean we don’t act on it. First, accept then choose your response.  ‘What happened’ is drama. ‘What is’ is drama. It cant be changed now, can it? Then why dwell over it. Learn your lesson and move on your way. Whatever the present moments bring to you is drama. It is what it is. Let us not fight it. What good can happen on fighting what already is? For example, If it is raining, would it help me If I fight it? If I complain, “Oh, Why is it raining?”, “It shouldn’t rain, I have a picnic planned!”. It is raining, that is the present. I can’t change it. Accept it. What I can do is maybe wait for it to stop, or maybe use an umbrella to protect me from the rain or perhaps dance in the rain. It is my choice what I make of this present moment.

If I resist, then I’ll create suffering and that suffering will be directly proportional to the degree of resistance. So the key is acceptance. Acceptance will take us into a space where we will respond and not react out of impulse. Accept what is. Accept whatever scene the drama of life brings in front of us. This acceptance inherently includes accepting other people. Accepting someone as they are without trying to change them. This unconditional acceptance of everything there is without trying to seek anything from the scenes of the drama will open the gate to love. It is surrendering to the drama, to what is. When we accept, we save ourselves from all the stories we create in our head around that event which helps the mind to quiet down. It is then when love will begin to emerge.

Let us like the train driver accept the scenes of the drama of life as it is and keep on moving forward. Let us realize that what is in the way is the way. Everything comes to teach us something. If there is something ‘unfavorable’ happening then that event has come to throw light on the darkness within and bring it forth so that I become aware of it and take steps to transform it. If we don’t transform the unconscious which the event brings to light then we will invite similar kind of events in our lives that until we transform ourselves. What comes to you is a reflection of what is inside.(From Without to With-in)

No Resistance. It ‘is’ what it ‘is’, so what do I have to do now?

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