Friend or A Foe?

Friend or Foe

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. If not controlled, given proper direction and let loose, it will destroy the host, which is you!

Don’t give in to stories the mind tells you. It will tell you stories based on your perceptions. Every situation has certain facts. What the mind does is takes in those facts and creates a story around them. Insanity is when the person thinks those stories are true. He or she is so convinced that what they are thinking is true. They create emotions based out of those stories. All pain is created from those stories. ‘You are the reason for my suffering’ is the biggest lie on the planet. This is pure ignorance. Nobody is the cause of your suffering. You create your own suffering by not understanding the working of the mind. You suffer due to ignorance. When you suffer, you cause other people around you to suffer. Thereby affecting your relationships.

Life can be only lived well when there is acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and kindness towards self and others.

We think, on changing our outer world, our lives will become better. Suffering is mind created and changing the things outwardly will not solve the problem. Changing companies, changing partners, changing houses, friends won’t work. we will be faced with other challenges and conflicts and again create suffering since we still haven’t understood the mind.

I’ll change when the other one changes is another lie. It will never happen. When I change, my world changes. The world outside is a reflection of the world inside. If there is negativity inside don’t expect your outer world to be positive. It will definitely be negative.

Love has to be created within for everyone, only when this love has been created within then the outer world will be full of love and peace. One will receive this from all relationships one has. In fact, that person will attract very kind and caring strangers too. We attract situations in our lives which resonate with our inner vibrational frequency. If there is anger, hate within then you’ll attract situations which will resonate with that thereby attacting more anger and hate into your life.

If one has negativity within, they will receive negativity from relationships outside. Then that soul will keep blaming the outside world for their suffering and hence will be trapped in this vicious cycle of endless suffering.

Only when one comes out of its ignorance, can one come out of this trap. Don’t believe whatever the mind tells you. Reality is skewed through the filter of our perception. If we have worn black glasses, everything will seem black. But in reality, everything isn’t black. It is only the glass of perception which is making us perceive a distorted reality.

No-one is the cause of my suffering but I am. I am responsible for how I feel . Until this penny drops, until this is realized, life can’t change for better. Until this responsibility of ‘How I feel’, is taken unto oneself, there will be no transformation.

When these things are not there no matter how much money one has and how much luxurious life one lives and no matter how ‘good’ they look, there will be suffering in their lives.

Hence when we are peaceful, loving and compassionate then we will receive the same from all our relationships. Our existing relations which weren’t that smooth will start becoming full of warmth, love and care.

There is a very easy mantra. If you want to invite love into your relationships, start giving it. If you want to be respected, start giving it!. Try it, it works! Whatever you want, just start giving it.

When we understand the workings of the mind and learn to silence, it opens to us the gate to heaven but when not understood and enslaved by it and its stories and assumptions then rest assured you have entered the gateway to hell.

Heaven and hell can be experienced now, it is right here! It is how we feel ‘now’. And guess what, I create my thoughts and feelings. So it is a choice we make every day – We can either choose to live in hell or we can choose to live in heaven.

Choose wisely. Break open the walls of ignorance. Learn how to use your mind. Turn it from your biggest foe to your best friend. When we do that we improve the quality of our lives and also influence the lives of those around us.

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