For they know not what they do…


“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”, said Jesus when he was being crucified. How was he able to do that in such atrocious situation and we are not able to do it in trivial things that happen in our lives. The difference lies in his heightened awareness. He was completely conscious of who he was. Only someone who is conscious can be aware of the unconscious. Or someone who observes the unconscious in themselves can also understand when someone else is acting out of unconsciousness. When we do see that, one should, in fact, feel mercy for the soul and nothing else. That is what Jesus felt.

When someone is acting out of unconsciousness it means that they are very far from themselves, they are people who are not in touch with their true self. They are ‘possessed’ by their egoic self and they are not even aware of it. Hence the statement, “They know not what they do.” Humanity now is in a completely unconscious state. Our actions are mostly under the influence of the ego and we don’t even know about it!

If we are targeted on with unconscious behaviour then we need to be careful that we don’t slip into unconsciousness. If one of the two is conscious then the knowing and acceptance of the conscious being can also bring the unconscious one to peace. The canopy of the peaceful and powerful vibrations of the conscious one helps the other one transform. This is a gradual process. This acceptance and knowing has forgiveness inherent in it. Forgiveness happens that very moment. One need not forgive them later. Immediately on observing the unconscious behaviour one knows it is not the true self but is ‘possessed’ by the egoic self.

What Jesus did here is he didn’t reciprocate the acts of people but he kept his virtues intact. He didn’t slip into the unconscious. When someone says a little something to us we get disturbed and can take time to forgive them. Jesus, even when being faced such atrocities was still able to forgive them.

Anyone can be good to the ones who are good to them. To be good with ones who are not so good with you, to be benevolent with the one who has malevolent feelings for you requires spiritual strength. This is where greatness lies.

A flower when plucked still gives fragrance. The tree, when thrown a stone at, will still give fruits.

A soul’s treasures are its thoughts and its virtues.

Let us not allow the world to suppress our virtues. Let us allow our virtues to emerge and let us change the world.

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